Feels like the whole system has been rebooted. Progress has been lost for some. For others, the process has been cleansing. In chaos, I've renewed my appreciation for order. In the face of uncertainty, I've learned to lean a little less on expectations and plans for the so-called future. In a chapter that has left everyone asking what matters, I've found my answer:


The fact that I am is a miracle in and of itself. And while I'm here... being... I may as well make my mark, encouraging others to do the same in the process.

So what will I do with my remaining time on the cutting edge of existence? Will I succumb to the pressures of the rat race? Will I improve on the design? Will I do something new?

Time will tell. But for the first time in a long time, I'm fulfilled already. And what better place to pour out from?

Signing off for now.

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