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A website has been created to commemorate Jason and showcase his creations. Visitors are welcome to celebrate his life and immerse themselves in his biography, film and photography.


The case for the murder of Jason Cortez is still being investigated. It will take the participation of anyone with information to bring the culprit to justice.


Please consider visiting and sharing the link below to help Jason's family find answers to such an inconceivable situation.


Performance filmed by Meagan Arnold


Other Side was created in loving memory of Jason Cortez. In addition to assuming the roles of film director, screenwriter, photographer, Twitch streamer, and music enthusiast, Jason is a husband, brother, son, and best friend to people of all walks of life. For so many people at once, he was an advocate, a cheerleader, and a mentor. Although his life was taken from him, he lives on through the hearts of those who remember him.

Currently, the authorities are seeking out any information that will help lead to the arrest of Jason's murderer. Please consider visiting and sharing information on the case to help Jason's family can find closure in this endeavor.

Whether you knew Jason personally or have experienced loss under other circumstances, know that you are not alone. Those who leave us in the physical sense continue to live on through us. The emotions that we feel and the memories that we reflect on will continue to connect us to them.

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