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L. Rudaux Sur les Autres Mondes ca. 1920. Collection Rijksmuseum Boerhaave Leiden

Where do we start? With a lack of sense of direction, of course.

I envy the kids. They cannonball into the world with complete disregard for things like buoyancy and breathing. They know freedom before they know fear.

I think that's who we are underneath layers of fears and experiences that reinforce them. There's so much uninstallation that needs to be done to live a more fulfilled life that many of us resort to just drowning ourselves in another layer of coping mechanisms. Blessed are those of us who go the other way.

It's a victory in and of itself to stop and take inventory of the experiences, beliefs, routines, and habits that determine the trajectory of your life thus far. To go beyond that and actually begin uninstalling the processes that no longer serve you is climbing Mt. Everest. But in the midst of such a gruesome process, you find yourself.

There I am. The real me. The liberated me. The me that isn't so filtered and fear-based. The me that isn't confused. The me that knows AND acts in alignment with that knowledge.

I guess that's the point. Move. Move with a general sense of what you want to feel and be more of. And keep moving. Knowing the point is not the prerequisite for action. You'll ask yourself what the point of insisting on such a thankless process is. And despite your lack of certainty, you'll keep moving. And inevitably, the point is where you'll arrive.

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